Cartmel Shaker Style Kitchen Doors

Cartmel creates the aesthetic of a timber door with visible grain detailing. Create a unique kitchen with our hand-painted service.

When a shaker kitchen is required but the budget won't stretch to solid wood, Cartmel is a perfect alternative. The 22mm MDF doors are foil wrapped and reinforced with special ABS protective edges. Above all, Cartmel beautifully reproduces the appearance of natural timber, with authentic looking woodgrain in a 5 piece constructed door.

There's a choice of 10 colours from stock, plus 23 additional colours and the amazing TKC colour matching service. With the same wealth of accessories as Cambridge and Windsor, it's easy to achieve a range of more or less traditional kitchen designs for less.

Why Choose A Cartmel Kitchen Door?

If you are wanting to bring an element of elegance to your home whilst staying within your buget, a Cartmel kitchen door may be the choice for you. With a depth and texture that is hard to find in kitchen doors that are not made from solid wood, our Cartmel kitchen door will bring an authentic and homely feel to your kitchen.

Should you be interested in buying a Cartmel kitchen door, you can rest assured that you are not sacrificing quality for our uniquely low prices. Many homeowners and developers may be looking to purchase solid oak and timber kitchen doors not only for their beautiful aesthetics, but also for their robustness and durability.

Our Cartmel kitchen doors are made from high quality materials that are built to last.  By foil wrapping our doors you can rest assured that your Cartmel kitchen door will be free from moisture, a common problem found with doors that aren’t protected. Furthermore, our ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) edges are designed not only to add an additional layer of protection to your Cartmel kitchen door, but also to help give them a perfect finish.

At the kitchen doors we believe that a simple kitchen should mean simple prices. If you are interested in purchasing a Cartmel kitchen door from our select range of replacements, get in touch today by calling: 0330 133 3953.