Lucente Gloss Handleless Kitchen Doors

Lucente kitchens offer minimalist styling at its best with ‘J’ pull designed kitchen doors that create handle-free kitchens with a smooth and modern design.

As the Italian-inspired name suggests, Lucente is a shining light in contemporary kitchen styling. The elegant J-pull kitchen door design creates today's most popular and sleek 'no handles' look.

It's practical too, because the deep, wide J-groove is friendly to fingers of all sizes. This is a gloss handleless kitchen door built to last, made from solid 22mm MDF with a factory-applied paint and lacquer finish, ensuring years of problem-free service with no danger of delamination.

Choose from 9 gloss standard colours from stock or browse our online paint to order service. Add a wide range of accessories, such as glazed and curved doors, and you've got the freedom to create everyone's dream Lucente kitchen.

Why Choose a Lucente Gloss Handleless Kitchen Door?

If you’re looking for a slick, modern, and minimalist aesthetic for your kitchen then Lucente gloss Handleless kitchen doors are the perfect choice for you. The ‘J’ pull handleless door design has become a popular choice in recent years for homeowners who are looking for a clean and minimal design.

Gloss handleless doors are an affordable and fashionable way of giving your kitchen area the illusion of more space. The gloss finish combined with the ‘J’ pull door design give a slick and futuristic feel to the space. With Lucente handleless doors, the choice of colour remains yours with our 9 gloss standard finishes and our online paint to order service, you won’t have to compromise on the colour you want for the quality you deserve.

Our Lucente kitchen doors are made from high-quality materials with a finish that is built to last. They are beautiful but durable in equal measure, and the ‘J’ pull handleless design makes them a nice flat surface that is easy to clean.

At The Kitchen Doors, we believe that a simple kitchen design should mean simple prices. If you are interested in purchasing a Lucente gloss kitchen door from our UK headquarters in Leicester, get in touch today by calling: 0330 133 3953.