Lucente Matt Handleless Kitchen Doors

Our extremely popular and ultra-contemporary Lucente door is taken to another level as we present it in a range of chic, matt, hand-painted colours. This handleless door offers an air of simplicity, creating the perfect kitchen in any home.

As the Italian-inspired name suggests, Lucente is a shining light in contemporary kitchen styling. The elegant J-pull door design creates today's most popular sleek 'no handles' look. It's practical too because the deep, wide J-groove is friendly to fingers of all sizes. This is a kitchen door built to last, made from solid 22mm MDF with a factory-applied paint and lacquer finish, ensuring years of problem-free service with no danger of delamination.

Choose from 6 matt standard colors from stock plus our paint to order service. Add a wide range of accessories, such as glazed and curved doors, and you've got the freedom to create everyone's dream kitchen.

Why Choose Matt Kitchen Doors?

A matt kitchen door offers a beautiful finish whilst also being highly durable and scratch-resistant. When it comes to contemporary living, nothing quite compares to the extensive range of sizes, shapes and colours associated with matt kitchen doors. The forgiving nature of matt finishes on kitchen doors means that they are a top contender against kitchen doors with glossy finishes, which are quick to show both scratches and stains.

Not only are matt kitchen doors good at hiding scratches and stains, but they are also exceptionally easy to clean. Typically, a simple solution of soap and water can be used to get rid of mild marks and stains. It’s a good idea to use a soft cloth to gently wipe and remaining mess away. For tougher stains, many experts recommend a number of different remedies. Examples include baking soda or vinegar.

Our select range of Lucente Matt Kitchen doors are available for delivery across the UK. As an outlet specialist, we aim to supply our doors at highly competitive prices and pass the savings directly on to you. To find out more about our wide selections of kitchen doors, call in today on 0330 133 3953.