Windsor Shaker Style Kitchen Doors

Are you looking to create a timeless and classic kitchen aesthetic? Windsor shaker style doors bridge the gap between a traditional style kitchen and a slick modern feel. This shaker timber door has beautifully unique internal beading around the frame offering extra detail and visible timber grain.

Windsor kitchens are best complimented when combined with accessories such as T&G end panels, floor columns, plate racks, and mantels for an ultimate traditional kitchen look.

Internal beading is the detail that makes Windsor a shaker kitchen with a subtle difference. Although it naturally features shaker's characteristic 5-piece construction. Durability and sheer quality are assured, with each door made from solid 20mm ash wood, instantly recognisable with the ash grain beautifully visible through the paint finish.

Windsor kitchen doors are available painted to order in 23 colours, or you can take advantage of our online colour matching service. Ring the changes with a choice of one-piece or tongue and groove decorative panels and an array of optional accessories from pilasters to plate racks.

Why Choose A Windsor Kitchen?

Windsor kitchen doors have been a staple design in households for years, largely because they allow for a sophisticated and classic look for an affordable price. They are versatile for the interior decorator in you and can be paired and matched with a number of accessories to give your kitchen that personal touch.

The Windsor shaker door has remained one of the most popular kitchen door styles for homeowners. They come in a wide variety of colours and sizes to suit your requirements and are also very durable and easy to clean. Windsor kitchen doors can be seen as a fashion staple when it comes to interior design, they never go out of style, and are versatile enough to keep up with modern kitchen trends.

Nowadays many people pair their Windsor shaker style doors with a contemporary handle such as a chunky bar style handle. This makes for a delightful pairing of old and new, traditional and modern, and leaves you with a Windsor kitchen style that you know will look just as good in years to come.

At The Kitchen Doors, we believe that a simple kitchen should mean simple prices. If you are interested in purchasing a Windsor kitchen door from our online range of shaker style doors at our UK headquarters in Leicester, get in touch today by calling: 0330 133 3953.

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